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Morpheous Lewis
Mr Morpheous Lewis
Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Hello and Welcome to my Website, You are here because you either know someone who has been helped by me or are at the end of your tether with all of the other treatments out there, either way you are extremely welcome.

My name is Morpheous Lewis (and yes that is my real name!) and I am a Fully Qualified & Experienced Holistic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist, Trance Expert, Rapid Pain Elimination Therapist, Psychotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher & Spiritualist based at the Yeleni Therapy & Support Centre located in Blackfriars Street, Hereford but don’t for a minute think that I am perfect, I am dedicated to spending my time helping others as I too have had my fair share of issues in the past and am not immune to life’s roller coaster of emotions etc., the only difference is I’ve learned how to cope better and to not allow my thoughts to run away with themselves, so I feel I am perfectly placed to understand how you are feeling and to understand what you are experiencing as I too have been in a similar situation.

I had been prescribed, over the years, pretty much, the entire list of medication my doctor could prescribe and he was beginning to run out of options.

I had been through Counselling and many other therapies that the doctor could refer me to but nothing seemed to work for me for any length of time until I was introduced to Hypnotherapy.

My life has been completely transformed, It had such a profound effect on me that I am now dedicating my life to the study and treatment of the debilitating afflictions that can have such a profound effect on people’s lives.

Most importantly, I’m not here to pass judgement on anyone.

I find my clients come from all walks of life and bring a wide variety of problems.

Although outcomes can never be guaranteed, I do have a very good success rate in helping people achieve their objectives, whether it’s with their personal, sports or professional lives.

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, EFT, Balance, Mind Mediation, Happiness & Life Coaching, Reiki & Spiritual Counselling are just a few of the many techniques I have at my disposal to help you achieve effective and positive changes in your life.

I am able to offer help with a whole range of different issues ranging from simple aches and pains right through to Fears/Phobias, OCD, Past Traumas, Anxiety, Depression or simply not being happy with your life and wanting to move on!

During the course of your treatment we will work together to find the best approach that suits you, So you will be much better suited to deal with any of the storms that life puts in your path towards a more positive & confident You!

Please be aware: Hypnotherapy is not a 'one-shot' fix-all solution and requires a degree of motivation from the client but if you want to change then anything is possible!
The full process will be explained during the initial consultation

My Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (DSFH)
  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (DHP)
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD) accredited by the NCFE (Level IV on NQF) which is considered to be the gold standard in hypnotherapy training at the Clifton Practice in Bristol, a recognised Centre of Excellence for hypnotherapy.
  • Diploma in Sports Psychology
  • Qualified & Experienced Usui Reiki Master Practitioner.
  • Qualified & Experienced Advanced Reiki Master Teacher.
  • Certified Laughter Facilitator.
  • Certified Happiness/Life Coach.
  • Certified EFT Mastery Practitioner.

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Hypnotherapy & Other talking therapies help you achieve effective and positive changes in your life by harnessing the powerful aspects of your Conscious & Subconscious mind.

During these sessions we will discuss your progress, any new goals you may have and then use trance to re-enforce all the good things/goals/progress.

My Approach

My unique approach considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, energy and emotions — in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

During our sessions we will find the best approach for you, each and every time to help you achieve effective and positive changes in your life.

As the sessions use a ‘content free’ approach we won’t even need to dig up anything from your past to be able to release/remove it.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

A treatment can feel like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing.


Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

£ 60
  • 60 Mins
  • Using my unique approach, we will work towards achieving effective and positive changes in your life by harnessing the powerful aspects of your Conscious & Subconscious mind.
  • We will work though releasing and removing anything that is holding you back, smoothly, effortlessly and efficiently, allowing you to then move on and start to live your life by your standards & definitions.


£ 45
  • 60 Mins
  • £20 for 30 Minutes
  • Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.
  • While fully clothed this technique can be performed Standing, Sitting or Laying on the couch.

Where am I?

Please note: the Yeleni Therapy & Support Centre is temporarily closed due to the current global health situation.
However Online Support is available:

Located within walking distance of the center of Hereford with ample Pay and Display parking nearby.

The Yeleni Therapy & Support Centre,
2 Blackfriars Street,

Tel: 01432 342 342 (Yeleni Support Enquiries)

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Please Note: Due to the current global health situation, I am unable to offer Face to Face Appointments, I am, however able to offer either Telephone or Online (Skype, Zoom etc.) Appointments. Please contact me for more information through Email or via the Contact form Below .

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